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TECMON SRL bases its trade policy on a new synergy with the customer, with the belief that he is not just a machinery buyer, but above a partner with whom to grow and improve...

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TECMON SRL production program consists in supplying with single machines or with plants for the preparation of Marmaladas and jams, fruit puree...


Multi-functional unit LAB 30

Lab 30

Multi-functional unit LAB 30

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Quick Overview

Multi-functional unit with a usefull capacity of 15-20 kg of product, for the jams, marmelades, tomato sauces and preserved vegetables.

Product Description

Multifunctional cooking unit mod. LAB30 with a total capacity of about 30 liters and a usefull capacity of 20 liters.
This machine is the ideal solution for the preparation of small quantity of jams, marmelade, tomato sauces, juices, preserved vegetables and a lot of other food product.
The unit is designed like a multifunctional bench and it is composed by a polyvalent unit where it is possible to cook/ concentrate (in atmospherical or in undervacuum conditions), and pasteurize or sterilize the packaged product.
The possibility to cook and concentrate in undervacuum conditions, like big plants, allows to obtain a high quality level product, manteining the vitamins content and brighter colors.
The cooking unit is equipped with a jacket in which is present a thermical fluid that is heated by means of electrical resistors.
Inside this unit it is possible to cook, fry slightly, and concentrate the product that is kept in costant movement by a stirrer that scrapes the wall to prevent the drops product burning.
At the end of this operation, the product is discharge by a manual valve and it could be dosed in the vessels by a dosing unit (not included in the bench).
The full vessels could be pasteurized or sterilized inside the same multi-functional unit, even at temperture higher than 100°C; after the thermal treatment the containers are quickly and savely cooled.
A little PLC, together with a series of sensors to control the pressure and the temperature, supervise all the operational phases and allows to programm in an automatic way the pasteurization/sterilization and the cooling cycle.

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