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Tecmon Srl Mission

TECMON SRL bases its trade policy on a new synergy with the customer, with the belief that he is not just a machinery buyer, but above a partner with whom to grow and improve...

Production Program

TECMON SRL production program consists in supplying with single machines or with plants for the preparation of Marmaladas and jams, fruit puree...


Multi-functional bench: LAB50

Banco multifunzione LAB50

Multi-functional bench: LAB50

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Quick Overview

Compact machine to produce jams, marmelades, tomato sauces and a lot of other product

Product Description

Following the growing of small and compact plant for food preparation demand, TECMON Srl has designed a multi-function bench for jam, marmalade, tomato sauce and sauces.
It is enough a single bench to set up a laboratory, in fact with LAB50 you can cook, concentrate and mixing, in under vacuum or in atmosphere conditions, blanching fruit and vegetables, dosing the product still warm, and pasteurize full and capped vessels.
The bench is composed of three section:
- a basin for the under vacuum cooking complete with an agitator, that offers significant advantages in terms of a little oxidation of the product and colour keeping;
- a section to dose the product coming from the first section;
- a pasteurizer tank which, as allowing the thermal treatment of the vessels, could be use to blench fruit and vegetables using a basket with special holes
A control panel allows you to set all the parameters and save recipes.
The bench is heated by electricity and it is placed on wheels. That permit to install the unit wherever you want, also in rural areas.
It is also possible to realize a fixed version of the machine, that in this case, it will be connected to an external steam plant.

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