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Tecmon Srl Mission

TECMON SRL bases its trade policy on a new synergy with the customer, with the belief that he is not just a machinery buyer, but above a partner with whom to grow and improve...

Production Program

TECMON SRL production program consists in supplying with single machines or with plants for the preparation of Marmaladas and jams, fruit puree...



 TECMON SRL, founded in 1980, has initially concentrated its activities in the field of industrial automation.


Since 1996 it has been working, however, only in the design and construction of machines and plants for fruit and vegetables processing.


The switching is due to the great technical and technological experience acquired over a long-lasting activity by its owner and its staff in the food sector.


Recently, the TECMON SRL technical staff has increased, thus enabling the development of the design and construction facilities in the dairy field.


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Tecmon S.r.l.
Via Leonardo da Vinci, 11/B
20060 Cassina De' Pecchi (MI)
Tel. +39 02.95299106
Fax +39 02.95299315

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